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The way in
is the way through 

Plant medicine preparation & integration,

and shadow work guidance

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Vidu has a unique gift of seeing deep within the subconscious of those he works with, bringing dormant issues to light, untangling traumas and false beliefs, and creating opportunities for growth. With 20 years of experience, his work is delicate, transformative, empowering and cultivates acceptance and worthiness through self-inquiry, neural pathway rewiring, and the distillation of truth. Vidu’s grounding presence provides a safe container and guidance that allows clients to feel authentically seen and accepted, leading them to embrace the present with enthusiasm, clarity, and ease.

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Several months ago, I began shadow work with Vidu, and I've been consistently struck by his extraordinary ability to support me on my healing journey. His deep compassion and profound understanding of the unconscious are unlike anything I've ever experienced. For the first time, I feel as though I'm finally moving in the right direction!


I have had the impeccable Grace of working with Vidu closely and my entire life has improved. I was previously debilitated with illness, and am now more functional than I’d been in the last 5 years. Vidu made shining the flashlight upon the shadows of my mind approachable and healing. I’ve been able to face core wounds in ways I couldn’t previously access, and in the process, regain my strength. Vidu has a unique and unparalleled vision into the subconscious; he can see where wounds are rooted, and can help you to lovingly unweave the tapestry of hurt, pain and suffering, and free yourself.


Healing work has so many ups and downs, and pain points along the way. Having someone like Prem Vidu, with such clear sight and an open heart, to walk alongside and guide me through this process has been a real blessing on this journey. I’ve worked with him before and after sitting with plant medicine for support with intention-setting and integration, and continued working with him in between to process and heal issues I was struggling with for a lifetime. I so appreciate and value this light that he shares with others on this path. Working with Prem Vidu is good medicine.


In testimonial gratitude, I would recommend to anyone seeking the inward journey to comprehend the Shadow, to sit in sacred community with Prim Vidu/Garden of insight. Vidu has a way of calling-in the shadow parts, that which exhaust the Soul, the guardians of psychic shocks and the unseen, that resists coming into the Heart of heart’s core, I knew I was in the right place when those hidden parts expressed an indescribable desire to fight/flee so they could stay; to exist, as soon as Vidu spoke. It felt awesome to voluntarily drop the masks and through raw vulnerability, negotiate and integrate new healing agreements. To give wounds a space to close, wounds that had been kept open by my projections and judgements.”
Over the last summer I had the pleasure of being able to sit in a session with Prem Vidu before my ceremony. The ceremony itself held my biggest break through to date. I owe a good amount of that to the prep that I was able to do with him. If our intentions leading into ceremony and these spaces are our swords, then Prem Vidu is the wet stone we should use to sharpen them. Working with him helped me refine my intention to get down to the EXACT root of the symptoms I was bringing to the table. During the process I was held in compassion, empathy while also being motivated to look deeper. To press into the undercurrents of what I thought I needed to work on. What works though Prem Vidu is a gift to the world. I would not hesitate to say that anyone planning on sitting in any plant medicine retreat, or ceremony, would benefit tenfold by working with Prem Vidu before hand. My experience, my breakthrough would not have happened if I had not worked with him. I am so grateful to the work that he brought to my life and the world.
've had more breakthroughs in a handful of sessions with Vidu than I have with years of therapy with my $400-an-hour psychologist in NYC. HIs guidance through integration helped tremendously after a ceremony where I was left with more questions than answers. But his grasp of psychology is vast — enough so that I continued to work with him for months after. He also has an intuitive quality about him that sees right through your bullshit. From a spiritual standpoint, he's helped me clear a ton of negative energy, called me out on my own negative patterns and has helped me "level up" my own frequency to where I'm attracting more ease in my career and higher-quality partners.
I am very grateful to have been introduced to Vidu in preparation for my first medicine ceremony. In my somewhat long experience working in therapeutic and personal development spaces, I have really appreciated finding facilitators who really get the inner work needed to be a fully expressed and present human being. Vidu is one of these facilitators. He passionately holds a standard of accepting all expression, all the feelings, all the everything, while not bullshitting people about the practical work needed to evolve out of old habits and into new ones. Our whole group benefitted from his generosity: his facilitation, his encouragement, how he did his own work, and his understanding of the psychological components that bring us to where we are, where are blocked, and pathways to move to new beliefs, behaviors and actions. I learned exactly what I needed to know about what to expect, how to intend, and how to partner with the medicine to get the greatest bang for my buck before, during, and now after.
In a single session Vidu helped me reach the roots of some issues. Like a straight arrow, cutting through all the BS and getting straight to the point. And he did so with the utmost compassion, great intengrity in his word, and a genuine heart. So many of his words and the insights our time together had brought to light have been with me everyday since.
Vidu is highly skilled and it is truly a gift to find yourself in his presence, and in his sessions.
Working with Vidu is truly a gift. He showed up for me with compassion and presence. Vidu guided me through my jumbled thoughts and helped me see the root of my internal conflicts. With his guidance I was able to go deeper in ceremony and had many breakthroughs I may have not experienced without his help. I look forward to learning and growing with him in the future. He is a gift to this Earth and anyone who chooses to work with him
Prem Vidu was an unexpected bonus at a special weekend ceremony I attended.  Our encounter was not extensive but the brief comments he made, had a very profound impact on my journey.  I began with a whole lot of emotional baggage that I had been accumulating over the years.  Vidu had insights that were surprising to me and actually brought tears to my eyes.  He hit on issues I wasn't aware of but realized immediately that they were at the core of my struggles.  I took the next 3 months to delve into the dark areas and find the lessons behind the pain, which allowed me to let go of all of the baggage.  I am still integrating the lessons into new and better ways to live my life.  I will always be grateful for the chance encounter that helped me find my way.
Vidu has made me feel radically seen during our sessions. He moves beyond my words, my stories, my emotions and he gets straight into what my soul is seeking. He extracts the gold from the subtleties. I can tell that Vidu is living out his soul’s dharma and is intended to be serving others as they embark on the stickiness of being a human being. He has guided me to find the truth within myself and to learn how to heal myself. 
I have a lot of fear and resistance to being vulnerable, I’ve built a very impressive castle around myself that I myself have forgotten how to get into at most times. In just a few minutes working with Vidu, he found a door in that has opened up the realm of healing possibilities.
Vidu has met me with a full heart to understand the things I can’t see yet. It’s impossible to put my gratitude into words for the work that Vidu is doing!
The healing and blessings I have experienced through working with you have been transformative in immeasurable ways. Thank you Prem Vidu all my love always❤️
The balance of delicacy & empowerment behind this work is truly transformative! It is true cultivation of self love & worthiness through mantra & neural pathway rewriting. Not only did I feel safe and supported, a huge part of the healing for me was being authentically seen and accepted by myself and my guide(s). So much gratitude for this medicine!

My one-on-one session with Vidu provided the key that opened my eyes to a brand new perspective on my life.  Vidu's guidance gave focus and purpose to my purging during the ceremony, allowing me to finally let go of the guilt and negative voices that I had been listening to most of my life. In not much more than half an hour talking with Vidu, I made more progress toward understanding and forgiving myself than I achieved in over 15 years of therapy with highly rated psychiatrists and psychologists. Now I have a brand new perspective that enables me to embrace the present with hope and enthusiasm.  Even more miraculous is the kinder and gentler appreciation I now have about my past.


I am abundantly blessed and so grateful for the insight Vidu provides when doing the inner or shadow work. Each time I've had a session with him I'm amazed at how he's able to cut through the surface BS, & get to the root & the truth of what's ready to be released or healed. And then he helps me create new neuropathways so I can continue to live & respond differently to life.
Thank you Vidu for sharing this gift with the world with so much love and compassion.
Prem anchors the healing process so it does not emerge as a chaotic hindrance to one's life path, but as an intricate unfolding of beauty enraptured by the very soul potential that had previously sat dormant inside itself. I am honored to know and witness an angel who is unafraid of all things human. A bridge between worlds, a weaver of the sky and the earth. He is the intersection between presence and ascent.
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