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Book Recommendations

Below are some of the most powerful books that have made a
dramatic impact on my own personal journey!

Shadow (Inner) Work & Medicine:


This is the book I base the majority of my work on. Back in the 50's Eva Pierrakos channeled a being they called "the guide". This "being" laid out what I now call the "anatomy of the sub-conscious" or "the roadmap of the lower self". It is not the easiest read - I recommend only reading this book while you are actively doing inner work. I do feel the need to have it on this list. I do recommend reading Prem Baba's book (below) first.

suufering to joy.jpg

This a great and beautiful dive into the lower self and unhealed parts of the sub-conscious. Easily digestible and very relevant and accessible. A must read for all folks interested in shadow work.

Prem Baba was my guru for 4 amazing and intense years. Every time I was with him amazing healing happened!

inner engineering_edited.jpg

Sadhguru has a no bullshit way of speaking the truth. His perspective is

both so fresh and incredibly timeless. A yogic perspective on the inner worlds and the anatomy of your being. Take control of your life, armed with all this knowledge.

conscious language.jpg

When you start to understand the power of the words you use, you begin to see the "spells" of your self made prison and how to escape it. When the power of words is understood, your inner work can deepen and accelerate in profound ways. You take control with the words you choose!

So choose wisely!

the cosmic serpant.jpg

I love this book. Such a humble and beautiful true story. Just gets me excited about medicine work and the deep and miraculous nature of plant medicines. One of the first and only books I have ever read about Grandmother medicine! And such an easy and fun read!

Spiritual & Yogic Philosophy:

tao te ching.jpg

Tao Te Ching: A Book about the Way and the Power of the Way
by Lao Tzu
translated/interpreted by Ursula K. Le Guin

The book of all books. The simplest of things and yet infinite and beyond all thinking. If you have never read any translation of this I highly recommend this one. I am a Taoist at heart. This is the most sublime description of what is not describable. Source itself.

autobiography yogi.jpg

Autobiography of a Yogi
by Paramahansa Yogananda

Such an inspiring story of one man's journey to God and Divine Mother. This book has inspired so many people in the world. And when you read it you can feel love radiate out of the book. For realz... Yogananda is one of those special timeless beings worth connecting with. Let him take you on a journey of miracles and wonder... enjoy.


This is the best description of what yoga actually is. Westerners generally think yoga is stretching or holding weird postures. Such a gross misunderstanding. This book will break down all the aspects of the yogic sciences and illuminate the beauty of this incredible and ancient knowledge.


I just love Ram Dass. I have read so many of his books, this one is just a great place to start. His journey is so relatable to us westerners, plant medicine people, and the psychonaut! I had the pleasure of sharing time and space with him on many occasions and singing kirtans at his house. His insanely huge heart pours through all his books and teachings!

whereever you go.jpg

This was one of my very first mindfulness books. Although I had no idea that's what it was called. Super easy to digest and very no nonsense perspectives make this book such a great teaching. It opened me up in an unexpected way and I am still grateful almost 30 years later after having taken the time to read this!


This is by far the best book on the concept of karma. What it is and how it actually functions. A must read for any interested in inner work. I love Sadhguru's no bullshit super striaght approach to everything he does. This book is no exception. I read it 5 times and each time I still learn more! Arm yourself with truth!

This book translates/interprets the 112 Shiva Sutras in the most delicious way. Coming from a tantric perspective... this book is like making love to God. Just read it and enjoy the juice of the divine!


This is the first of so many wonderful books by Tom Brown Jr. His story is deeply inspiring and opens up the imagination and reality with new possibilities. I recommend all his books. I've even done his tracker school which was pretty amazing. His books will touch something you didn't know needed touching. Super quick and easy reads!

Health & Cleansing

cleanse and purify thyself.jpg

One of the best introduction books to cleaning the body and understanding mucoid plaque. If you don't clean the body it won't matter how much inner work you do. Unfortunately our addiction to suffering, food, and false comfort go hand in hand. This is also the companion to the Arise and Shine Cleanse, which I highly recommend. Even if you don't do the cleanse, this book is wealth of information and a must read.

cleanse purify 2.jpg

The real deep dive to understanding your body and how it handles toxins in all the forms. If you want to heal you really have to understand the vehicle you are driving and how to take care of it. So much information in one book. Please understand most of what you've been taught about food and health is not true. So arm yourself with the right knowledge.

Patient Heal thyself.jpg

A beautiful and inspiring story. And a real perspective into the limits of even the best doctors in the world, and how disconnected we've become from nature. This book made a huge impact when I was deeply sick and doctors were telling me I was healthy. They didn't know shit. Keep your mind open and learn about your body and what actually supports and creates health and wellness!

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