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Events & Workshops

14 Day Online Cleanse!

We focus so much on our inner world/mental & emotional body that we often overlook our physical body. And it's good to understand that the body is the most dense and the slowest to clear energies! Even when you heal something in your heart and mind it still may take some time to clear it from the body! So it's a very important component of healing to include a cleanse at least once a year, if not twice.

This particular cleanse is focused, and very effective at removing mucoid plaque from your intestinal lining. This cleanse is also manageable while living your life and is adjustable to individual needs. Great for beginners and experts alike! And you get to eat on this cleanse! I've done this cleanse many times, all with wonderful results.

February 10th - 24th

(plus the cost of the herbs and supplements $200,

which you purchase separately. Link below)

(Total cost of cleanse: $368

- if you buy the book - which I highly recommend!)

** You must register by Feb 1st

in order to receive the herbs in time to start! **


1 Group Preparation Session (Online)

Feb 5th (6pm MT/ 8pm ET)

~ Where we will discuss the process, how to go about the cleanse,

what to shop for, how to cook, and what to expect, etc...

4 Group Shadow Work/Support Sessions (2x weekly Online) 

~ Cleansing can, and most likely will, bring up deep subconscious thoughts and feelings.

All the same stuff we look at within our shadow and ceremony work.

Having a community to share the experience with can help with any

feelings of isolation and hardship that may arise during a cleanse.

** Dates to be decided depending on group availability. **

(Each session is at least 2 hours) 

Whatsapp Support Group

~ For any immediate questions and concerns that may arise...

which there will be many!

This is a great place to share recipes, discoveries,

and to be in community even though we are not together physically.

Please join me for this great investment into your

health and well being!

If you've never done a cleanse before then this a great introduction to cleansing!

And if you've cleansed before but have never focused on mucoid plaque,

this will be a fun one! So please join me in this wonderful opportunity

to take your healing journey to the next level!

For more info please email at:


Please check out the website to purchase the herbs and get more info.

**I do not receive any compensation or money for recommending these products.

I Just think they are the best!**

Click here!

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I highly recommend this book. It contains a wealth of information and will include the best explanation of mucoid plaque that I've ever found. It is also the companion to this cleanse!

It really helps explain everything! You can do the cleanse without this book, but you'd be missing out on so much great information. It's great a investment in your health!


What if it turns out better than you can possibly imagine?

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